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The use of drone is an endless way of opportunities and possibilities! And with my long experiences there is just your imagination that will set the limits.

Always using my equipment wisely and throughout planned with the thought of making every detail count. 

Making your vision of an commercial video, realestate announce or propaganda for your agency come true.

Let me know about your vision! Send us your inquiry and i get back to you shortly

Founder and Creator


Im absolutely passionate about photo and video and always wanna get "THAT" very shot from "THAT" specific angle with "THAT" light. Never wanna miss the chance of capturing the beautiful surroundings around us.

Photography is for me like a chess game,  it is easy to play but requires a lifetime and a lot of dedication to really master! That is what I really think is amazing about photography, It is the widest area of variety and ongoing process in progress!

While i am taking a photograph or recording a video i always try to capture special details because I think that is what makes every photo unique, and that is just one part i try to master. "Its the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary" or maybe even a masterpiece of art!

The idea of WFPIXELS was to me where I wanted to share all of my day to day experiences while traveling and exploring the world.

Started with investing in camera gear and began my travel. 

Nowadays working with commercial, Realestate and tourism-agencies around the world!

WFPixels is now my business and no longer a vision, and i hope that i could make your  vision a masterpiece in the near future!